Thursday, September 10, 2009

San Francisco!

An old friend invited me down to his home in San Francisco to tool around the city for a few days.  It was the usual wind and fog but I was loving every minute of it.  The bridge is always an amazing sight to see.  The bath houses intrigued me but smelled beyond horrible.  The water has been sitting for years and years so you can imagine.  While wandering around the Cliff house I met some fisherman who like to "live life on the edge."  Literally as you can see below.  I was sad to say goodbye when I left the city, but look forward to going back in the future someday soon.  Oh and the Palace of Fine Art has got to be one of my favorite places in California to visit.  It's so beautiful and serene.  I recommend everyone to go and experience it. 

Sunset in Visalia, CA with Bree

On the way down to San Francisco I stopped to see my best friend from Hallmark, Bree for a day.  The sunsets on the west are so beautiful and the fields really added to it.  I'm completely in love with sunsets now :o)

Saint John and the Sinners concert

I got the opportunity to be hired by a local band while I was home.  Saint John and the Sinners are a spunky blues band in Humboldt County, CA.  One of my favorite things to photograph is concerts because I get to combine two loves; photography and music.  Here are a few chosen shots from the concert.  

Additional pictures from Phil shoot

I couldn't pass up taking pictures of the awesome location in which we had for phil's shoot.  The sky was perfect for picture taking and the "treasures" surrounding us were amazing in their own light. 

Shoot with the wild and crazy Phil

This shoot was probably one of the best shoots I have had enjoyment wise.  My cheeks actually hurt from smiling and laughing too much!  Phil is one of my mom's co-workers and full of surprises.  I still can't figure this guy out. lol.  He felt this would be a good challenge for me being that he "seizures up" in front of the camera.  I found that given patience and a lot of laughter, Phil makes a great model.  The location was in a small cow town in northern California on another one of my mom's co-workers' properties.  I love old abandoned things way too much.  

Fun with Horses and more abandonedness

Check out these fun images of the horses that wouldn't leave me alone when I went exploring back home in California.  This location was just too much fun to photograph.