Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cape May Carriage Company and horses

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope everyone is keeping nice and warm on these frigid winter days.  Right now it's a brisk 25 degrees.  A nice improvement for yesterday when it was 10 degrees out!  I regretted even stepping out the door.  Anywise, today's post is from the same day as yesterday's post but a lot more fun.  I got to hang with the hee-haws at the Cape May Carriage Company.  If you're gonna be in Cape May at any point I suggest booking a carriage ride from here.  The service is great and the people are very friendly and fun.  Plus they have many options for rides and tours of the town.  Cape May is beautiful in the winter but even more so in the summer.  You can get more information or to schedule a carriage ride go to this address; It is well worth the time and money!  Now on to the pictures!  The first one was a fun experiment with the horse's eye.  I believe this horse is named; Oreo.  I'm having to look in the Cape May Magazine (the carriage company was featured in an article!), to try and figure out names lol.  Hopefully I'm getting them all right.  The second picture is of Oreo as well.  Very friendly horse.  The next picture is of April, a big bay clydesdale.  We had to bribe her and the other two horses with fritters to get them to come a little closer.  They weren't too happy when we ran out though.  The spotted horse in the other pictures I couldn't find a name for but was one of my favorites because of the pictures and interaction.    I believe Knight is the other horse in the picture with April.  Notice how April is licking the electric fence.  I've heard that the horses do this now and then especially during the winter.  Maybe it's to warm up their tongues?  The final horse was the one pulling our carriage through town.  Sam was a pretty awesome horse :o)  They had put the jingle bells on him for our ride.  It was a nice addition to the experience.  Something even my sister-in-law has noticed is that I tend to take pictures of my shoes during a lot of shoots.  I couldn't resist the horse shoe with my Chips.  I'm a city girl but also a country girl at heart.  I just had to include the picture of her and I on the ride.  Such a fun day!  I hope to be back in Cape May someday very soon!         


  1. I looks like so much fun!
    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. Ooooo horseys!!! :D

    Just stopping by from SITS :D Happy New Year!!

  3. Happy New Year! I am visiting from SITS.

    These photographs are wonderful! I love horse pics so much!