Monday, December 28, 2009


I had the opportunity to spend Christmas with my brother and his wife's family this holiday.  Just like turkey day, it was a wonderful time.  Here are the pictures from Christmas morning.  Pokie, the family dog was as cute as can be and so much fun.  She tends to steal the spotlight at times.  My brother received the final pieces of my Grandfather's train set from my mom.  This was a very special gift.  He intends on refurbishing the entire set.  I look forward to seeing it go around the Christmas tree at their house in the future.  He did find a ton more tracks at an antique store so it could end up going around the entire house if he really gets into it.  Everyone seemed very happy with their gifts.  I ended up with a very nice coffee press (comes in handy for those rushed mornings), and expresso beans.  Being the coffee nut that I am it made my day.  The light up ducky from my daughter was also a nice edition.  The best gift of all those was being with family even if my daughter and parents were still in California.  I had them in my heart and thoughts of course.  The week was amazing and I have at least three more posts yet to come this week of the beauty I was able to see.  I hope everyone checks in to see those posts as well.  I promise that they will be well worth it!  I hope everyone had as enjoyable holiday as I did!  Many blessing.  Oh and yes, the last picture is of me passed out with my stocking on my foot.  I had been so drained from traveling the seven hours down days before on no sleep and I think it had finally caught up with me fully.  My Grandmother had made all of my family's stockings and they are very cherished.  The first picture is of the toy my daughter sent to my brother.  He had been teasing her about giving him one of her toys so she picked one out to wrap up and send to him.  It was a very cute little joke.  I'm sure this won't be the last we've seen of this toy :o)


  1. love the pictures,they are beautiful!
    dropping by from SITS

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful! I was at your cousins blog this morning via SITS and she linked to you. I always love visiting photographers and learning from them : ) Nice to meet you. Very stunning work!