Friday, January 29, 2010

Fashion shoot with Kwaku

                      Last Sunday I had the pleasure of Kwaku modeling for me.  It was his first time ever being a fashion model and he was loving every minute of it :o)  We first went to a cute, little park in Worcester, MA.  It was very cold so K was a good sport in taking off his warm jacket to pose in his suit.  He was a little nervous to stand out on the ice but after I started walking on it he decided to be brave and attempt the feat himself.  They don't have snow in Africa so this was a huge change for him to experience his second New England winter.  I still have yet to get used to extreme hot and cold conditions and I've been here a year and a half.  Makes me miss California a little more with every colder day.  Today it was a brisk 8 degrees and tonight it could dip into the negatives.  You will find me wrapped up in my five blankets lol.  But back to the shoot..... At the park we shot on, around, and under the bridges that I fell a little in love with.  The iron hearts in the railing were very intriguing to me.  What made them a little more special was the fact that I actually knew one of the people that had helped construct them.  He's pretty awesome himself of course.  Props to you Matt!   From the park we headed to the town hall closer to the center of town.  If it was not the town hall and you know that then please feel free to correct me.  The building was great.  It even had a little outdoor skating rink.  If it hadn't been covered with snow I just might have tried sliding across.  Ice and me have many bruising stories but at least I make it fun.  The shoot all in all was a success and very much worth bearing the cold weather to do.  Well I know that K is all anxious to see these so I will get them all posted up!  Thanks again Kwaku for being the newest Jennifer Milota Photography model!


  1. I love the color palette of the photos. And the iron work - what little bit I can see of it - does look intriguing and inspiring. These are really good. :)

  2. i love this..i may not be the perfect model but if you need any girls im more than