Monday, February 1, 2010

Hanging with the band Bound to Stand

                   Last Thursday I got to rock out at a concert with the band Bound to Stand.  It was pretty awesome to be hired a year after I had met the band.  They were the first band I ever photographed and have been hooked on band photography ever since.  I've seen my concert photography grow in leaps and bounds and I have to admit this has been my best as of yet.  I know that with each concert I will only continue to grow.  A small fun fact about Bound to Stand.  Three of the four band members are named Nick.  Well one is spelled Nic.  Wanna make sure and get that right for you guys!   Their front man; Gabe has an awesome voice and can go from a screaming melody to a rock ballad.  They are slowly getting their name out there and booking venues in MA and CT.  This show was at the club Up or On the Rocks in Hartford, CT.  The first floor boasts a stage, bar and lots of fun band memorabilia.  It looks as though it was fashioned after The Hard Rock Cafe.  I couldn't get enough of the lit up guitars hung up on the walls.  That's pretty apparent considering I have five pictures of just them.  I had a hard time choosing just what pictures to post.  This is actually one of my bigger posts with the picture count at 22!  That's actually my favorite number so I'll go with that :o)  I am very excited for these guys.  Not only have they helped me with my photography but I see them going far in the future.  You can check them out on myspace at the following address; (I really wish I could hyperlink the links I put up, anyone know how?)  Well I wish the guys of Bound to Stand lots of luck for the future.  I know there will be a promotional shoot coming up very soon so be watching for that.  I'm now off to attempt to try and get some sleep.  Gotta keep that day job going right?  Thanks again Bound to Stand for having me as your photographer again!

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  1. Those are really great pictures! Thanks for sharing!!!