Monday, February 15, 2010

Rock show with DMD, Sever the Skies and Unveil Tomorrow

                        Hey everyone!   So yet again I got to rock out at a concert with some of my favorite guys.  Dead Man's Dossier, Sever the Skies and a newer band (at least to me), Unveil Tomorrow.  It was a good concert with a ton of energy.  I know I was pretty tired at the end of the four shows that went on so I can only imagine how the members of the bands were doing.  The night was filled with music, jokes and good company.  I have to admit that I always have a little too much fun at these shows.  It's amazing the different people you tend to meet and network with.  The show was at The Elevens in Northampton, MA.  Unfortunately the lighting at this venue is not easy to work with unless you have a speedlight.  I do not have a speedlight at this time so I do what I can to make the pictures work.  Some of the shadows worked in my favor for the more contrasty shots such as the ones of the guitar player Gabe.  I think one of my favorites is Morgan (lead singer with dreads), with his back to me.  It adds a very interesting view point to the mix.  The flyer I took a picture of was actually in the woman's bathroom and I figured why not?   I look forward to working more with all of the bands in the future.  Thanks for having me guys and putting up with a camera in your face!

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