Friday, March 12, 2010

New show date and more pictures....

                    Unfortunately the show is being put back by a few days thanks to my work schedule.  I can't complain too much because I am working a full time job again and it's the following Monday that the pictures go up.  The new date of the exhibit is Monday March 22nd.  The funny thing is that my favorite number is 22 so maybe that's a good thing :o)  Lately I have been very busy with getting the prints ordered for the show and shooting concerts and band promos for Bound to Stand.  I'm very proud of the band and how far they have come in the past two months.  I look forward to what they can accomplish in the future.  You can find their music on the following link; I have a ton of new concert pictures from the band but I know that has been a lot of what makes my recent posts so I wanted to switch it back to some scenery shots.  I took these pictures back in the summer at an insane asylum.  I can not disclose the location but I hope to be going back very soon to do a shoot.  I love old, abandoned buildings.  They always make for very interesting settings.  Well I am off to edit the pictures from the promo shoot with the guys.  The work never ends and I'm ok with that!

PS- I have no idea what the black stuff was on the wall but it definitely ups the creepy factor! 

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  1. Happy SITS Saturday...I love your photos! Seriously, amazing!