Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Abandoned Drive In Adventure


                   While checking out places to live in Central MA, my friend Brandy and I went exploring at this awesomely abandoned drive in.  I had seen the entrance many times before while traveling but never stopped.  Well I guess the curiosity got to me and I gave into my love affair with abandoned places.  I'm figuring out that I have many love affairs at this point.  Coffee shops being another of course :o)  Big surprise but I am one at this very moment.  Mmmmm white mocha!  Ok, now back on track.  My ADHD gets the best of me at times.  lol.  This place was so much fun.  The concession stand being a personal favorite location to shoot.  Brandy got some great shots of me around the stand.  She is quite the budding photographer herself.  She is currently attending the school I graduated from; Hallmark Institute of Photography in western MA.  Amazing school FYI.  It's always fun to go back and chat with the instructors.  One of the many random surprises the drive in had to offer was that the film cameras were still there.  I would think that they would have taken those out.  I wanna go back and get some better shots of the cameras.  The day was gorgeous as you can see.  Wearing my new camera tank felt so good.  I still didn't manage to get a tan but oh well.  I did have to be careful of my new ink so as not to expose it to the sun too much.  You probably can't read it but the shirt says; The camera made me do it.  Perfect for me huh?  All in all the day was pretty much amazing.  Any excuse to shoot and I'm there of course.  Well I am off to get ready to head to NY.  This week I have already been to CT, Western MA, now in Central MA, about to go to upstate Ny, back to CT and flying out to be with my beautiful baby girl and family in VA for my birthday.  Gotta love this crazy life of mine!  Keep posted for new pictures very soon!  We ventured out to ME the following day and the shots just plain amazed even me.  *Never stop shooting*

All photos of me taken by Brandy of Brandy Marie Photography (Thanks girl!)

And a side note: I guess my blog was one of the top blogs the other day in Albany, NY!  Thank you to the people of Albany for all the traffic!  Also I guess I'm getting notice in Germany as well.  Have to say that's pretty awesome. 


  1. Def was a fun day girl!!! awesome pictures they turned out amazing which i always love how ur work turns out

  2. Stopping by from SITS - wonderful pictures that brought back such fond memories of the "Drive-in" days... I don't know of too many still working - great find!

  3. AWESOME. Awesome. AWESOME! I totally want to go to an abandoned drive in now :) I think that is so cool! How many great shoots could you do there. Can you even imagine. Super exciting : )