Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bound To Stand concerts and promo

                          I got to shoot a few more concerts for Bound To Stand along with a quick promo shoot. I have been working with this band for just over a year now and have seen immense growth in all of the guys.  This week they have been working especially hard to reinvent themselves with amazing results.  I was completely blown away by the new style, sound and moves last night at their concert.  I was only doing video at that concert but I will have brand new pictures of the band very soon.  They have a concert tonight that I know everyone is looking forward to.  I am very blessed to be good friends with such an amazing group of guys.  I am fortunate enough to get to document their process as they work harder than most people I know to make it in the music industry.  They have the drive and definitely have the talent to make it.  Things have been happening so quickly.  My literally dropped at the sound of the new songs as they hit the stage in Holyoke, MA last night.  They will be playing at LC's Lounge in Worcester, MA tonight.  If you're anywhere near there you should stop in and hear these guys play.  They are in the studio recording all their new stuff during this time so we hope to have it all out on the myspace.  Well I'm off to shoot the new shots for the band!

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