Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

                     Happy mothers day everyone!  Make sure to appreciate the mothers in your life on this special day.  I have to say, my mom is pretty awesome.  She did survive myself along with my two older brothers.  That is a true accomplishment! lol.  She is my best friend and keeps me grounded even in the toughest of times.  I love you mom!  While visiting the fam down in VA I was able to do a quick family shoot.  I'm pretty happy with how the pictures came out despite my daughter and father being pills.  Make it that much more interesting and the result so much more rewarding though.  I was very grateful to spend an entire week with everyone.  My life has become quite the adventure in the past couple of months.  I'm in a different town almost every night.  I'm working on the travel journal when I get the time.  So about the following pictures....  The first was just a cute idea I had in mind.  The scrapbook paper is a bit distracting but I loved the designs.  The lady to the far left is my father's mother, then there is my mom, me and my adorable daughter.  I then went on to make the little series with the words Live, Laugh, Love and Learn.  One of my favorite series of words.  Then we have the standard family picture. This is a rarity since my dad hates pictures as you can most likely tell from his expression.  Then on to more of the cute idea pictures.  Pairing pictures.  Gotta love my brother and his wife.  They are sickingly cute together.  The last of the shoot was all about my little model of course.  She was hamming it up big time in from of the camera.  The last picture in the set is one of my faves because it explains the relationship with my brother pretty well.  It's all fun and games and then we finally get it right lol.  Bottom line, my family is awesome and I love em.  I hope everyone has enjoyed their mother's day.  I pray for a safe trip for my family back to Cali.  Keep posted for new pictures weekly!  


  1. Hi Jennifer! I am stopping over from SITS today and I LOVE this shoot you did! I love how you wrote about your Mom! She sounds amazing. Moms really are the most special girls on the planet aren't they? I am so glad for mine! : )

  2. Jennifer,
    It was a pleasure meeting you. Thanks again for taking pictures for us...we are excited to see them!
    Scott M