Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Awesomely abandoned factory in NY

               Hey everyone!  Here are some long awaited photos that I wasn't sure if I was going to put on the blog.  Since getting the new Lightroom I have since re-edited all of the factory photos.  This abandoned find was random just like most of the rest.  I was working in upstate NY on little to no sleep when I came across this huge factory along the route to my next hotel.  I was determined to find an entrance beyond the fences and after three times of turning around I found an open parking lot.  The weather was so hot and I was already sweating by just getting out of the car.  I got my camera all ready to go and went exploring.  My ride at the time was the most interesting Chevy HHR.  I dubbed thee the shaggin wagon because it reminded me of an old woody wagon.  I do have to say that this would not be a car to purchase.  The windshield came down a little too short so this made driving difficult at times.  The roomy vehicle did come in handle for all of my photography equipment for Lifetouch.  Usually the equipment takes up my entire car.  I looked up at the factory looming over me and tried to figure out what would have been made there.  Rumor has it that they made Cabbage Patch kids.  The asbestos was ridiculous and coming out of the windows as you can see in the pictures.  I didn't dare venture into the cold depths of the building.  The cold air was coming out from the different openings chilling even with the hot sun beating down on me.  I ventured around the property for about an hour.  The entire time I was little creeped out by all the random noises coming in all different directions.  I hope to go back to this location and photograph with some models in the future.  Enjoy the pictures and follow my blog to get future updates!  Thanks everyone!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Abandoned World NY Series Part 3 (Final part of series!)

                 It's here!  The third and final post of the series!  And the location is....... a TB hospital in upstate NY.  I had been searching for this location for hours and had gotten so lost along the way but was more than determined to photograph this location.  The clouds that day added to the erie presence of the hospital.  What amped up the creepy feeling was the wind blowing pretty hard causing doors to slam shut.  Every time a door crashed open or closed I jumped just a little.  Not gonna lie, I may have yelped a time or two.  My skin was crawling the entire time.  Being that I am sensitive to buildings such as this I was almost expecting to spot something a little out of the norm at least once.  I didn't see anything but the feeling of not being alone was constant.  I was loving the lighting in the hallways although I almost was not brave enough to continue down them.  Graffiti and debris were everywhere.  It is always sad to see what people do to old, abandoned buildings such as this.  I go venture out to preserve what may no longer be there in a few years.  I think that there were a few rooms I did not get the chance to see but I hope to go back again one day when it is not as windy and maybe with a friend.  There was a moment where I standing in one of the hallways trying to figure out my next frame when a door slowly creaked open and stopped.  This was about five feet from where I was standing.  Creepy!  It was about that time that I decided to leave.  I had to check out the roof first though.  There wasn't much there except for lots of bricks laying all over the place and lots of gravel.  The little tree growing from the roof was a random edition.  I was so happy to have found location but almost happier to run down the dark stairways and out of the building.  I turned to take one last look and picture before heading back to my car and off to my client meeting.  I hope everyone has enjoyed this little series.  There are many more pictures to come from my abandoned adventures.  Follow my blog and get updates!   Thanks for all the support guys!