Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Abandoned World NY Series Part 1

                     So while venturing out into the beautiful upstate NY, I stumbled across three abandoned properties.  The first two were completely random finds while getting lost trying to find the third and ultimate location.  I'm not going to reveal that location until the third and final post of the series so you will just have to check back for that one :o)  I promise that it is well worth your time.  Ok, so about this location.  I was aimlessly wandering and had passed this house and couldn't resist hitting it on my way back after going about a half an hour out of my way because I am stubborn and alway way too determined to find my destination.  While my GPS was yelling at me to turn around (I think my Tom Tom hates me at this point lol), I pull over and stealthily make my way to the house.  After the hitting the grass on the property I was surprised at just how awesome the house really was.  My first thought of course was; "I wonder if I can get inside?"  My love affair with abandoness with in full affect at this point.  I first took a picture with my phone and immediately uploaded it to facebook.  People usually know what I am up to just by my mobile uploads.  With how much I travel it's a lot of fun to share what I see and do.  The picture caused quite the stir.  I had several comments and even people asking me how much the house was.  Two of those people were from all the way in Cali.  Go figure.  It was sad that the owner has let the house just sit there in such poor condition.  With a little TLC I'm sure it would be a beautiful home.  I resisted my urge to find an entry and walked around the house.  The exterior of the home was very interesting.  Then I spotted the barns and abandoned cars.  I was in love with this property!  The old truck was one of my favorite parts along with the wagon wheel as you can tell by how many pictures I have up of that.  The Buick was pretty awesome too.  Every time I photograph an old car I think of the large print hanging above my dad's desk that my mom took.  I don't know what kind of truck/car it is but I will always love that picture.  Plus it reminds me of home <3  If you look at the bar door pictures you can notice two faces.  It looks as though the face on the left is looking at the crazy face on the right.  I think I spent about 45 minutes just wandering around taking pictures.  What a great start to a crazy day.  Keep posted for the next two parts of the series!  I'm off to edit some more and then cheer on my Lakers in game 3.

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