Monday, August 9, 2010

Support my cross-country road trip this December!

                       Hey everyone!  As of last week I have decided to go on a cross-country road-trip to go be with my little girl and family for the winter.  I was originally going to be flying back but since I will be needing my car why not drive?  It will be an amazing two weeks with me first heading south, then west, then north, west again, and then finally south down the coast to northern California!  I have already started to plan out locations to stop and photograph along with people to stay with.  I am so excited because I get to see both of my brothers.  One of which I have not seen in over a year.  I will also be seeing various relatives that I haven't seen in years.  I will be leaving MA in the beginning of December so I get to see the beauty of winter all over the country.  One of my goals is to photograph at least one abandoned place in each state I go through.  This could be a challenge with weather and directions but when I set my mind to something I make it happen!  In order for me to do more with this trip and to make sure it can happen I am looking for sponsors.  What does a sponsor entail?  Well for everyone that donates $50 or more, they will get an 8x10 of their choice from the trip.  This includes pictures from my trip back which will be during the spring and the more northern states.  One thing to consider is that my 8x10's go for $75 a print so people would be getting a deal.  Also, the more money a person donates, the more they will get in return.  I will be including my sponsors in my trip and have little surprises for them along that way that will be exclusive for only them.  As the trip gets closer I will have developed everything fully.  During the trip I will have a way for people to follow me and see how the trip is going.  This will include blog updates from the road, twitter updates, fb updates with mobile uploads,  and even a video.  Considering I have very random ways of entertaining myself on the daily, I can only imagine how I will be during those two weeks :o)  I am very excited for this trip to say the least.  The pictures should be amazing and the memories will last a lifetime!  The most rewarding part of all of this will be the smile and hug for my beautiful little girl at the end of the line.  Spending my winter in California is going to be incredible.  If anyone would like to sponsor me you can send checks, money orders or use paypal.  You will need to include the note "roadtrip" and make sure that I have your information.  Anything will be greatly appreciated!  My paypal e-mail is
On a side note, the pictures featured in this posting are from my trip west to east when I moved to MA almost exactly two years ago.  It's hard to believe that I have been on the east coast for that long.  Some of the pictures were taken by my amazing mother but almost all that do not feature me were taken by me.  Hard to believe that I used to shoot on auto!  Oh the horror! lol.  So grateful that my talent has grown by leaps and bounds.  Any other questions or even suggestions on locations feel free to e-mail me.  Thanks everyone!


  1. Those photos are absolutely amazing!! Best of luck with your road trip this winter :)

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!


  2. A wonderful adventure awaits you, its a photographer's dream doing a road trip such as that and you have already one under your belt and this one should be an extra notch up. The photos of your previous trip are already extraordinary, absolutely stunning landscapes there, and if you are going to take anything close or resemblling such scenes I will be eagerly awaiting to see them

    Good luck on your road trip and shoot many


  3. wow! great photos.. i specially love the 2nd to the last photo where you look trapped between 2 giant rocks.. how did you ever get passed that? it looks so narrow! for sure, i wouldnt have made it if it were me!

    visiting from SITS!