Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Charity Event Photos!

                          This is by far going to be my largest blog post as of yet.  Event photography tends to take up more space on my hard drive than anything else because there is always so much going on.  This particular event was so much fun to photograph and I was running all over the place.  I put up about 60 pictures but that's nothing compared to the 255 I have edited down for the original 616 photos!  Did I mention that I love being a photog?  Not only did I get to hang out with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, but I also got to meet some incredible people.  I've worked with a lot of rock bands so it was a nice change of pace to work with blues and easy listening bands.  I actually have taken photos of two of the members of the first band featured; Brookline Drive so it was nice to see the new band and sound.  I have to admit that the box for a drum beat is rather creative and their sound is pretty awesome.  I look forward to hearing more of their music in the future.  The next band was a cover band and a lot of fun to watch.  The singer kept trying to get my attention to steal some pictures lol.  Obviously it worked.  The little girl taking pictures was too cute to pass up capturing.  I figured that Senator candidate Susan Dawson should snap a picture with the two nice officers that came to look over the event.  It was quite entertaining when Bugs and Daffy went over to dance and have a little fun with them.  Next to play the stage was the amazing singer Jeremy.  He is currently on tour in Japan.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy a couple of weeks prior and I have been quite taken with his talent on both occasions.  The bass player that accompanied his set is also on tour in various countries.  Alex took the stage by storm when he went out front and did an amazing solo.  Have to say this is the first bass solo I have ever witnessed.  The talent just kept coming as the fellows played the blues.  One of the guitar players had such personality as you can see from the pictures.  As the night rolled on people were up and dancing and enjoying the warm summer air and flowing music.  The two drummers that played that night were a little on the younger side but were so talented!  I can see them going far with their skills.  The final guitarist is one of the nicest and more motivational musicians I have ever met.  Jo kept the show going with drummer; Matt (both out of Boston), to end the event.  I think Jo had a little too much fun with the drum line made up of people from the crowd and Ms. Susan Dawson.  Sue kept up the best she could and laughed through Jo's silly antics.  For my first time photographing an event I feel this one went exceptionally well and I had a blast doing it.  I wish Sue luck and all the best with her campaign and it I want to thank her for sponsoring such an amazing event.  All proceeds at the end of the night were donated to charity.  Good fun for a good cause :o)  Thank you to everyone who came, the amazing and talent bands, Bugs, Daffy and the Falcon Mascot from Springfield and Six Flags, all the volunteers that worked the event and to Justin and Tim from Alliance Group for putting the event on.  I look forward to the possibility of working with a few of these musicians in the future.  Now it's time for bed being that I have work in a few hours!  Good night everyone :o)  Enjoy the pictures.  (All photos are copywritten by Jennifer Milota Photography, if anyone featured in these photos would like to purchase prints or digital files please contact me via e-mail;