Monday, September 13, 2010

RIP Apollo AKA The Coolest Grumpy Old Man Rabbit You Knew

                         Today marks a sad two week anniversary of one of the hardest days in my young life.  My 15-17 lb French Lop rabbit; Apollo, passed away in my arms.  Apollo was more than a pet to me but a member of my family.  Born on Super Bowl Sunday when the Patriots took on the Giants and also the day I was in a bad car accident.  He was to be my birthday gift to myself and a gift to my daughter as well.  It's too bad that as soon as we brought him home that he developed his feisty personality and bit her within hours.  My daughter than feared the furry beast and kept her distance lol.  I was able to get two or three photo shoots in here and there which I cherish more than ever now.  When I came to the east coast for school, Apollo stayed with my family until I was able to bring him over via my flight back during spring break.  He was such a trooper through the various moves and places he stayed while I was away.  I of course just had to bring him into my school and do a few shoots and just show off my "giant" rabbit.  I don't think anyone will forget the "unofficial" Hallmark mascot for the class of '09.  He caused quite the stir every time I brought him in.  He was featured in my final portfolio in a fashion shoot with my friend and model; Molly.  To this day she reminds me of the scar she has since dawned from Apollo.  Ouch!  Sorry Molly!  Even though he had the personality of a grumpy old man, he affected the lives of almost everyone that came in contact with him in one way or another.  This includes my three roommates in the Amherst apartment.  The boys came to love playing "mop the rabbit".  What is this you ask?  Well since Apollo loved to hang out in doorways and since one of the ways to get to my room was through the bathroom, he would just hang out in that doorway.  Well when they guys needed to use the bathroom they would use the mop to scoot Apollo back into my room.  It was anything but cruel and pretty entertaining.  I don't think that rabbit liked anything that cleaned up messes (vacuums and brooms included).   The picture of Apollo and the mop was taken just days before his passing.  I knew the roommates would miss him a little as well when I was going to be finding a new home for him so I intending on giving them a print of this.  The print now hangs on the bathroom door in that apartment.  Many people have asked what happened that day and to be honest it will never really be explained.  My friend and I took Apollo out for a quick photo shoot before I was to take him to his new home, a llama farm.  I knew I would miss him dearly so this was my last little thing to remember him by.  I'm not sure if it was the heat or just some internal problems gone worse, but as soon as I got him home from the shoot he could barely move.  I did everything I could to try and help him but at that point there was nothing anyone could do.  So I just held him for three hours and comforted him before his time came.  It was horrible but I am glad the he is out of pain now.  My friends and I imagine him eating carrots in bunny heaven now :o)  It's a nice thought right?  Even two weeks later I am finding the memory of him a little hard to bare but it will slowly get easier.  He was by far my favorite pet and had helped me through so many rough times here on the east coast and back home.  Always by my side and providing entertainment just by his sheer size.  Always in my <3 and never forgotten!  RIP Buppers aka Apollo, I miss you!

Photos of Apollo and I taken by Hassan Peters
Thank you Hassan! 

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  1. That has to be the cuddliest pet Ive ever seen! I never new a rabbit could make such a sweet companion. No wonder he is so dear to your heart.
    -visiting from sits