Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Road Trippin Cross Country! The Beginning of My Journey Home

                        Hey everyone!  I know it has been far too long since my last post but as you read in my last entry I was working way too much and sleeping way too little.  Well part of that has changed since I hit the road for my cross country road back home to the great state of California! I packed up everything I owned, stored what I couldn't fit and obviously shouldn't bring, and hit the road to NH to visit my model and friend Jay to say my goodbye and handle some print business.  I just don't understand why Jay shook his head at my pj ensemble.  I thought my pink flannel snowboarding and skiing bunny's outfit was pretty awesome lol :o) Thanks Mom! Unfortunately my time in NH was cut short due to work conflict and the fact that I had left a very important bag in storage that I needed for my trip.  I was none too happy with my previous landlord rushing me out the door when I was moving out (new tenants where literally moving in before my stuff was in the trailer).  I'm surprised that I didn't forget anything else! I'll never forget that rainy trip to my storage unit.  The east was being hit with a nasty storm and I was caught in it on the freeway while towing a good sized trailer with a Ford Ranger.  Yeah, I was just slightly nervous especially when the trailer caused the truck to swerve and nearly tip several times.  *Deep breaths!* If I never have to do that again I will be ok with that! From NH I headed back to Western MA to collect that bag and yes, my snowboard. Would have been a lot better to have grabbed the boots too.  My poor little car was already stuffed to the max and I just was praying I could get everything back safely.  After saying more goodbyes to my amazing coworkers and collecting my last check, I headed down to CT to stay with my friend Josh.  It was a nice little break from no longer working two jobs and gearing up for the long trip ahead.  What a better way to spend it then to hang out with a chinchilla and very entertaining people? I was gonna steal Cheecher but I don't think Josh and his roomate would appreciate that.  Sadly we didn't to take the pictures we had planned on but Josh and I did manage to sneak in a little photo shoot.  It was freezing out and the wind chill was even colder.  It didn't take long for both of us to look at each other and agree that we were done.  Some of the only pictures I have from the first few days are only from my cell so why not include them?  Many more posts to come!


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