Thursday, December 30, 2010

Road Trippin Cross Country! Washington DC

                  New York was great but my very short stay in Albany shot me back to reality with a few hours of sleep and waking up to an alarm blaring at 5 AM.  I said goodbye to my friend and debated on whether or not to get coffee or hit the road.  The road was calling my name so I headed into Albany and towards the toll roads.  Snow fell all around my car, bringing out the little kid in me :o) This also meant a little early morning fun sliding around since there were no other cars on the road.  Before completely starting the trip for that day,  I did my video log from my phone.  It was obvious that I was exhausted and not ready to drive the seven plus hours down to Washington DC.  It only took me being on the toll roads for so long before I went off to explore the less traveled routes.  This paid off in a big way when I stumbled upon an apple orchard and abandoned livestock building.  The chilling winds reminded me that I should not stay out for long as the snow teased me with slight flurries every now and then.  While wandering around the livestock building, I couldn't help but get the chills as though there was someone there.  Creepy huh?  I was determined to get as many pictures as I could before getting too freaked out.  There came a point though where the feeling was overwhelming and it was time to leave.  *There are many more pictures from this location but I am leaving those for my site!*  I hurried back onto the road to continue on my journey.  PA was a lot of fun.  Since I am Pennsylvania Dutch I was on the look out for anything that represented my heritage.  Sadly I did not see anything due to being on the main highway for most of the time.  Thanks to a much needed bathroom break, I discovered this unique farmhouse that was actually for sale and had a little bit too much fun on the back roads.  I kinda fell in love with the PA countryside.  I started noticing the time and figured out that I needed to get back on the road as soon as possible.  Thankfully I made it to WA DC safely despite the horrific accident I came across and the fact that I get lost in a cardboard box and DC traffic pretty much sucks. I spent the next day exploring the freezing cold WA DC.  If it weren't for the warmth of the Botanical Gardens I don't think I would have survived the cold.  Underneath my layers and gloves I was still shivering.  My friend Kevin couldn't believe I had been outside as long as I was.  The Library of Congress was incredible and I wish I could have snapped a few pictures of Thomas Jefferson's Library.  Some of the books were just fun to see.  Sunset fell upon the monument as Kevin met up with me and I grabbed the last pictures that I was able to.  After grabbing a delicious peppermint white eggnog mocha, I said goodbye to Kevin and hit the streets to check out the White House and all the Christmas lights.  I came across Sara Bareilles practicing for the tree lighting the next night.  Quite the treat considering she is actually from my home town and she's just pretty much awesome and has a great style.  Unfortunately the battery on my camera died and it became too cold for me to be standing around any longer.  I navigated my way back to the metro station and headed back to my friend's place with the incredible view you see in some of the pictures below.  Leave it to me to get off on the wrong stop and have to go back the way I came.  I really need to figure out how not to get lost lol.  SIDE NOTE; DC pretty much has one style and that is business.  I was the only female wearing jeans and definitely the only person sporting chucks.  I was ok with standing out in the crowd but I was starting to miss the diversity of California.  I fell asleep without effort that night considering my legs were cursing my name and I didn't have enough energy to even yawn.  There were to be many nights like this for the rest of the trip.

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  1. DC has only one style.... that cracked me up. You did not have time to see a lot of DC and each section of the district is quite unique. Plus, it was cold and a lot of locals will just wait for better weather or only scurry to and from places they need to go.

    I did the DC traffic thing for two years and it is pretty finicky, most of us just rely on the metro around there. Glad you have fun though!