Thursday, May 5, 2011

Road Trippin Cross Country! You got me Dallas

              Due to my hectic schedule and a million things going on with the current trip I am on (back east), I have not been able to post anything!  So much going on that I can't even begin to get into it. I am very fortunate to have found the work space that I recently acquired. Getting back to the road trip though.  My next stop on the road was good 'ol Dallas.  I had never been to this part of Texas so I was anxious to see the difference in people and scenery.  The drive was about an hour and a half and to be honest, I don't remember much of it at this point.  I do remember a quick conversation with my mom trying to figure out the best place to stay near Amarillo.  That would mark the beginning of my trip on Route 66.  I drove through the city and had absolutely no idea where I was going as usual.  This lead me out of town and then a quick U turn got me back on track.  Seeing the skyscrapers loom over me brought a smile to my face.  I've always loved big cities.  I don't think I could reside in one but I could definitely work in and visit one.  I found a lot that was decently priced and parked.  Then began my walking adventure.  I was still attempting to wear my chucks on a daily basis which was not the brightest choice I must admit.  They are not the most comfortable shoes to walk all over in but they became a part of my road trip style.  I couldn't resist taking a couple self portraits in the tall glass buildings.  Another signature of mine.  I even grabbed up a few shots while crossing in the cross walk.  To my pleasant surprise, the pictures are completely in focus :o)  The Nieman Marcus building was a lot of fun, all decked out with store front interactive decor.  Who wouldn't stop for a cute little robot with a camera?  Not me!   The stars were a sight to see especially since they were made by local children.  I'm always a sucker for displays with purpose.  It didn't take long for me to find the huge, abandoned hotel that I couldn't figure out if they were trying to save or to demolish.  I think I walked around that building at least twice.  If only I could have gone exploring inside.  Now that would have been fun.  I kept walking and eventually ended up in a rougher part of town.  Not my brightest moment but I was fine the entire time.  I am very lucky that nothing has ever happened to me while I'm out exploring.  It then began to get closer to nightfall and I was then on to my next mission; finding a Starbucks.  Now, you would think in a city as big as Dallas it would not be a problem finding one or even just a coffee shop open past five.  Nope, they all closed when the working man went home.  Le sigh.  I did come to find that they were filming a tv show in and around the lot where I parked my car.  I believe the name of the show was Chase.  I had never seen it but I hear from the crew it's "alright."  They were all so nice and helpful after they found out that I not a paparazzi but just a traveling freelance photographer.  After getting the call from my friend that she was off work, I then proceeded to head to her place for a much needed dinner and relaxing time.  It was good to see a fellow alumni from my school being that I hadn't been able to see much of anyone after we all graduated.  Kristen and I had a little fun with my now boyfriend; Matt, on the phone.  This would again became a regular thing with the phone calls and video log shout outs.  The long hours on the road were starting to get to me and I was getting more and more ready to be home.  We ended the night with a movie and then much needed rest.